About us

About us

The Artificial Intelligence & Robotics society is open to anyone, regardless of ability level, that wants to learn more about and get hands on with the latest technology in the field.

We believe in collaborative, practical learning in a fun and engaging manner so come along to our free informative sessions where you’ll be able to learn about Neural Networks, Genetic Programming, Automation and more!

Every term we host our Student Showcase - an opportunity for you to present a project or application that you’ve been working on in front of peers, allowing you to get feedback, start a discussion or to teach others.

As a member of the society you can also look forward to:

  • Attending events and competitions throughout the year
  • Trips to industry (last year we visited IBM Southbank)
  • Guest Speakers - both academics and professionals
  • Opportunity to attend PhD Research Seminars, usually exclusively for academic staff (these are held in the hour before our normal sessions)
  • Social events - a chance to network & have fun with peers in a relaxed environment

We meet every Wednesday in Richmond Building LT3 at 4pm - 5pm.


What are the requirements to join the society?

- There are no requirements at all! All you need is your willingness to learn and develop your knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Do I need to have any previous knowledge in AI or Robotics to join the society?

- No. You can join the society with no knowledge about AI. We are all here to learn.

Do I need to pay anything to join the society?

- It's completely free to join!

Do I need to study any specific degree to join the society?

- No. Our society is open to all degrees and backgrounds.

Do I need to know any programming languages?

- You won't need to know any programming languages for our sessions. However, we recommend you to learn Python 3 as this will benefit you during sessions.