PortAISociety UKIEPC 2018

Competition: UKIEPC 2018

What is the UKIEPC?

The UKIEPC is the UK & Ireland Subregional Contest for NWERC (the Northwestern Europe European Regional Contest), of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). UKIEPC is a practice competition, held annually (starting in 2013) to help universities pick teams to travel to NWERC. The contest does not automatically determine which teams may progress to NWERC, but universities may pitch their teams against other universities around UK and Ireland, to help decide who should be sent. NWERC typically accepts up to 2 teams from each university.

This year the University of Portsmouth is participating the UKIEPC through the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society

You must be a member of the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society to participate!

To become a member of the society please fill the following form: membership.portaisociety.com

Register for the competition: ukiepc2018.portaisociety.com

Download the exercises: ukiepc-download.portaisociety.com

Submit the exercises: ukiepc-submit.portaisociety.com


How is it structured?

- This year the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society is organising the UKIEPC Competition. Each student who wants to participate must be a member of the society. There will be a classification period where members will need to download exercises and send the answers through the form (individual work). After the classification period, the UKIEPC organiser will make teams of 3 students and each team will compete against other teams within the society. The top 2 teams will be sent to compete against other universities.

How do I register?

- To participate in the competition you must be a member of the society. You can join for free at membership.portaisociety.com

- Once you are a member of the society. You will need to fill the form ukiepc2018.portaisociety.com

You must be a member to participate!

How do I download the exercises?

- Once registered and application sent to participate in the competition, you will receive an email with the information on how to download the exercises.

To download the exercises you must need to go at ukiepc-download.portaisociety.com

You will receive in your email the passcode to download the exercises.

How do I submit an exercise?

- You can submit the exercises through ukiepc-submit.portaisociety.com

How are teams formed?

- During the classification period, each student participating must answer the question individually. At the end of the classification period. The UKIEPC organiser will make the teams. Before team formation, you will receive an email with more information