Committee Team

Committee team

Dr. Farzad Arabikhan

Senior Advisor

Lecturer, School of Computing

Fuzzy systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Genetic Algorithm and Neural Networks.

Mikael Rozee


Student, Computer Science

Usability & User Interaction, Machine Learning, Mobile Development and Neural Networks

Thomas Apter


Student, Computer Science

Machine Learning, AI, Programming

Sam Drage


Student, Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Programming, Human Interaction, Music, Storytelling

Emily Maryon


Student, Computer Science

Machine learning, AI, Linux administration, System administration

Thanks to the former committee members for their time and effort in building the society

Muklek Bokth Choudhury (president, co-founder), Kevin David Navarro Faubla (president, co-founder), Cerys Gill (head of robotics), Opey Funsho (secretary), Ali Moghnieh (webmaster), Sam Mercer (treasurer), Marian Jitaru (merchandise manager), Will Green (robotics assistant)