Committee Team

Committee team

Dr. Farzad Arabikhan

Senior Advisor

Lecturer, School of Computing

Fuzzy systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Genetic Algorithm and Neural Networks.

Muklek Bokth Choudhury


Student, Computer Science

Machine intelligence, Machine learning, Unsupervised Learning, Neuroscience, Financial Engineering

Kevin Navarro Faubla


Student, Computer Science

UNIX/Linux Systems, AI/ML Competitions, AI/ML in healthcare

Cerys Gill

Head of Robotics

Student, Business Information Systems

Robotics, cognitive processing, business processes

Opey Funsho


Student, Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

Ali Moghnieh


Student, Computer Science

Cats with lasers

Sam Mercer


Student, Computer Science

AI, Machine Learning, automation, hardware, big Data, Web, programming

Marian Jitaru

Merchandise Manager

Student, Computer Science

Graphics, programming, A.I.

Will Green

Robotics Assistant

Student, Computer Science

AGI, Machine learning concepts, Personal Assistants, Linguistics, Semantic Analysis... WORLD DOMINATION and dogs.